PLASTIC GREASE TRAP 20 GPM / 40 LB / 2" 3920A02


MFG #3920A02




Flow Control Device (FCD)
The Flow Control is an integral component of the grease trap’s design. The FCD regulates the flow and improves separation efficiency, however they can be prone to plugging and regular maintenance is necessary. In case of blockage, the Endura flow control with cleanout lid provides quick access to the flow control. An external flow control makes removing the GI cover unnecessary to remove obstructions thereby reducing the need to release foul odors at inconvenient times.

Unique Innovative Design
Sewer authorities and building owners spend millions of dollars every year combating grease accumulation in plumbing systems. Grease accumulation causes sewer overflows. These overflows are a health risk to you, your employees, your customers and the general public. Injection molded in engineered thermoplastic, the Endura Grease Interceptor provides the best value and performance on the market today.

Easy to Install
The footprint of the Endura has been engineered to allow a simple and fast retrofit of existing installations.

Improved Separation
Thermoplastic construction provides the Endura with superior thermal properties resulting in enhanced grease separation. The patent pending baffle/bulkhead design creates effective grease separation and retention.

Airtight Seal to Contain Offensive Odors
The premium silicone foam gasket provides an airtight seal between the cover and tank, reducing the chance of offensive odors from polluting the workplace. The seal is installed in a moulded channel, deep within the lid, virtually eliminating the possibility of pinching or tearing.

With our engineered thermoplastics the Endura® tank, baffles and lid provide the best combination of lightweight and strength.

Quick and Easy to Clean
Rather than traditional screw or bolt down, the Endura’s new EZ Open latching system, enables the operator to remove  and refit the lid quickly and easily. Removable baffles combined with a smooth interior surface that do not degrade in operation provide simlicity and longevity of operation.

Baffle System
Manufactured in engineered thermoplastic, the functionality of the uniquely designed baffling system cannot be compromised by corrosion. The inlet baffle was specifically molded to slow the inlet flow and mix the entrained air, introduced by the flow control assembly, to enhance grease separation.

Versatile Connections
Designed for no-hub connections, the Endura can be installed in environments with various metal and plastic piping materials through the use of Mechanical Joint (MJ) couplings.

Ease of Use / Light Weight
Being significantly lighter than competitive metal units, the Endura is convenient for distribution and installation yet durable in opration. It is light enough for one person to handle, resulting in substantial labor savings for installation, warehousing and transportation. The Endura can be shipped via courier or parcel carrier allowing for fast delivery and freight savings.

10 Year Limited Warranty
The superior design and strength of the Endura interceptor allows Canplas to guarantee the Endura will not peel, rust or warp. See the warranty section published in the Installation and operation manual.

20 gallon per minute

40 pound capacity

2" outlet



  Refer to submittal sheet below

   A =  23.5"

   B =  17.313"

   C =  3.5"

   D =  13.00"

   E =  16.5"


This product was designed and built to last and comes with a 10-year warranty. Valid only when the warranty card is filled out and returned to the manufacturer.

Proper installation of a grease interceptor is critical to its efficient operation. Even the best designed grease interceptor will not operate efficiently if installed incorrectly. All installation recommendations are subject to the approval of the local code authority having jurisdiction.

The Endura Grease Interceptor may be installed on the floor, partially in the floor, or fully recessed below the floor to best suit the situation. Whichever installation configuration is used, make sure you locate the grease interceptor in an area that allows for ease of maintenance.

Placement should allow the cover to be easily removed for cleaning. A minimum clearance is required above the cover of the Grease Interceptor to allow removal of the internal baffles for a complete cleanout (7/10/15/20/25/35 GPM - 15”, 25 GPM LO-5”, 50 GPM - 21”). With the cover removed, all internal surfaces should be visible.

The Endura Grease Interceptor is marked with “IN and OUT”above the connections to ensure the grease interceptor is installed in the right direction.

The grease interceptor should be installed as close as possible to the fixture(s) being served, as every foot of piping between the grease source and the interceptor is unprotected and a potential source for grease build-up. Installations requiring long runs of pipe [exceeding 25 feet (8m) ] to reach the interceptor are to be avoided. This precaution will reduce the possibility of the pipeline becoming clogged with grease before reaching the grease interceptor. Grease waste lines should be piped at a minimum slope of 1/4 inch per foot (6mm per 304mm) to maintain flow in the drain line.


Where local codes permit, the Endura Grease Interceptor can be connected to dishwashers. To prevent industrial grade detergents from compromising the efficiency of the system, a separate grease interceptor is recommended for each commercial dishwasher. The Plumbing and Drainage Institute (PDI) has done extensive testing on the effect of hot water on separation, and can support through data, the fact that hot water has little effect on separation efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in their document EPA 625/R-00/008 (Design Manual: Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems) is specific in recommending the use of hot water and proximity to the source to enhance retention of fat oil and grease (FOG).


Food Grinder

It is highly recommended that a solids interceptor (3911A02/3911A02-5) be used in conjunction with the grease interceptor, especially when a food grinder is discharging into the drain line. A solids interceptor will prevent the grease interceptor from becoming plugged and will maintain the effectiveness of the grease interceptor. If a solids interceptor is not installed, food grinder waste must bypass the grease interceptor, as rapid accumulation of solid matter will greatly reduce the grease interceptor’s efficiency, preventing operation in compliance with the rated capacity.

Piping Connections

All Endura Grease Interceptors are manufactured with no hub connections. Standard mechanical joint couplings can be used to connect the grease interceptor to a metal or plastic piping system. If the piping system needs to be resized, use appropriate mechanical joint reducers, but do not decrease pipe diameter across the unit. (i.e. 3 inch inlet , 2 inch outlet.)
Please Note: The Endura Grease Interceptor is made of Polypropylene, which will not accept solvent weld cement.

Flow Control Installation

The flow control device furnished with the Endura Grease Interceptor is essential to the proper operation of this unit. The flow control limits the unit to its rated capacity allowing enough time for grease separation to take place inside the interceptor. The flow control fitting is molded in PVC and must be solvent welded using PVC or PVC/ABS transition cement as appropriate. It is to be located in the drain line beyond the last connection from the fixture and as close as possible to the underside of the lowest fixture, see page 8-11  of the full manual provided for typical installation. When the discharge from two or more sinks or fixtures are combined and served by one interceptor, a single flow control fitting should be used. The flow control device can be recessed into the floor if required and extension sleeves are available to complete a good finish at final floor level.

Some local plumbing codes require that grease interceptors have an internal flow control to ensure drain lines do not bypass the grease interceptor. However, if the flow control device is located immediately upstream of an interceptor, this is often considered as forming part of the interceptor. Therefore, officials having jurisdiction may accept such design as meeting the intent of the requirement. If local codes dictate the flow control must be installed directly preceding the grease interceptor inlet, and the fixtures being served are in excess of 8 ft (2.4 m) from the interceptor, we recommend a second flow control being installed as close to the last fixture as possible. Please contact us if you require further clarification.

Ball Valves (tru-union type suggested) allow  for easier maintenance

The installation of a ball valve upstream of the flow control is recommended. A ball valve provides a means of drain line isolation for maintenance. A ball valve is available from - use the contact us form if needed.


Floor Drains

Some local jurisdictions require that the interceptor service the floor drains. The floor drain must bypass the flow control to ensure the restriction does not flood the drain. Therefore, the flow control should be installed as close to the fixture as possible or directly preceding the floor drain connection.

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